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Bowo Cahyono

An Estimation of Burnt Areas of Peatland in the Tropical Rainforest of Kalimantan-Indonesia by Remote Imagery using Modis Data

Supervisors: Peter Fearns, Brendon McAtee


Helen Chedzey

Remote Sensing of Cloud Properties over Western Australia using Moderate-resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) Products

Supervisors: Prof Mervyn Lynch


Owen Giersch

Observations of Solar Coronal Events with the Mileura Wide Field Array

Supervisors: Prof Mervyn Lynch, John Kennewell


Victor Inadasi

In Accordance with the CRC Care Funding Agreements with DEC and Curtin University for Implementation of the Advanced Lidar (Laser Radar) Project

Curtin University Contact: Prof Mervyn Lynch


Wojciech Klonowski

The Development and Validation Algorithms for Remotely Sensing in Case II Waters

Supervisors: Prof Mervyn Lynch, Arnold Dekker, Lesley Clementson


Daniel Marrable

Spectral Analysis of the Swan River for Characterisation of Inherent Optical Properties and Determination of Phytoplankton Biomass

Supervisors: Peter Fearns, Prof Mervyn Lynch