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RSSRG is dedicated to the promotion of remote sensing science on a national and international level. To achieve this objective we have identified a number of research goals.

  • Educate the next generation of remote sensing scientists and technologists to an internationally recognized high standard of training.
  • Conduct basic studies of the validity and accuracy of remote physical measurements, including atmospheric state and constituents, land surface properties (e.g. temperature, reflectance and emissivity), vegetation studies, land-atmosphere fluxes, ocean variables and constituents in coastal zone waters.
  • Apply remotely sensed data to numerical models of Earth systems such as global climate and environmental systems, the hydrologic cycle and the carbon cycle.
  • Develop new and innovative geophysical (land, ocean and atmosphere) products from advanced satellite sensors.
  • Apply Earth observation data to challenging problems in the environment, climate system and resource management.
  • Achieve excellence in research and graduate student quality through training and international collaboration of a high standard.